How do I stay in front of my mind with prospects and clients?

It’s one of the most frequent questions I get asked. And it’s important because knowing how to do this is one of the most necessary foundational skills that any networker needs to employ. But most people don’t love my answer when I tell them … it’s *CONSISTENCY* And it’s the foundation discipline of our ‘5 HabitsTM’.

Being a business person is very like my experience playing semi-professional sports. You gotta do the everyday stuff, to get access to the big games. In this short video, I share what those five activities are and the financial gains that are available to you for Quick Win once you implement them.

I’d love to help you win too. Watch the video below and send us an email with the subject ‘5 HABITS’ and I’ll reach out to share how you can get me on your team and start rolling out your own deliberate and profitable actions.

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