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The 6 Must-Have Considerations for your next Special Event


BY: Guest Contributor, Annie Noon, Head Snapper at Fotoforce Photography

The Business League has a wealth of knowledge inside its community. This year, we’ll be sharing the biggest and most impacting tips and tactics from our senior leaders inside our membership. Today, our long-time member, Partner and resident photographer Annie Noon shares how you can get the best photographic evidence of your next special business event.

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You’re organising a Special Event and you want some awesome, scintillating, eye-catching images to record and showcase this event for all time.  There are 6 things that we know, from decades in the business, that you should include in order to make the most of your opportunity.

  • Timing is key

Make sure you liaise with your photographer thoroughly. We will need an itemised running sheet of the event so that we know what’s happening and when, so that we can make sure we are in the right place at the right time to record all the special moments.

  1. Dolly up the Decor

We will take wonderful overviews of the look of the occasion and venue with all the close-up décor details to make sure the uniqueness of your event is on show in your photographs for all to see.

  1. ID your VIPs

Your photographer will also need a list of your VIP’s and any special combinations of people that you would like to see together. It’s then important to visually point out all the VIP’s to your photographer so that they can make sure they don’t miss anyone.

  1. Brand your image spots

A good idea is to have a ‘photo wall’ to take social media photos .. a spot that features your business logo or the name of your prestigious event .. a decorated spot that will feature strongly in your guests facebook and Instagram posts.

  1. Consider your Socials

Another good idea is to run an Instagram competition for your guests .. give them the hashtag of your event #ExtraSpecialNight .. or whatever your event name might be and offer a prize for the most innovative post. You can provide a basket of props and products near the photo wall for your guests to dip into to create their imagery which will really get your event out there in social media world.

  1. Remember Traditional Media

It can also be easy to feature your event in the local media or appropriate magazines by supplying a fast turnaround selection of social  images of your guests .. most publications will want the guests names and suburbs accompanying your images so talk to your photographer about this and have a press release blurb ready to go at the completion of your event .  

So that’s it .. think Timing, Decor, VIPs, Brand Creativity, Social Media and a Traditional press release for your amazing event to ensure that it’s impact lasts longer than just one hour, one night or one month.

And of course, if you need someone experienced in this kind of thing, then be sure to reach out through www.fotoforce.com

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