We’re the Best darn Business Wing (Wo)Man you will find. Let our Business Grow Yours.

We specialise in building profitable partnerships, maximising on opportunities, keeping you front of mind and moving contacts to clients.

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You Focus On Creating The Opportunity. We’ll Focus On Building The Network.

Networking of old has cut a bad rap... It’s clunky, over-formalised, reliant on volunteers to lead and based heavily on referrals alone.

At The Business League, we understand that networking is way more about building a well-rounded and collaborative business, rather than getting onesie-twosie leads. It’s why we engage Australia’s best business leaders to share their stories of success and failure every month.

It’s also the reason we put so much in to attracting a high calibre of player to our community, so you have plenty of connections ready to support your growth as a client or collaborator.

Our Frameworks help small business owners attract and convert leads. And our paperless, Human Accountability Team makes sure you are supported to make the right moves at the right time, connect to the right people depending on your needs. Our Client Support and Concierge Team are right now madly tapping away and taking calls with our members to make sure YOUR every move inside OUR business, brings positive results for YOURS.

Growth Club invites your business to move in to scale, setting the foundations to attract and benefit from 6-figure Strategic Partnerships.

We help you to expand past the traditional mindset of networking and in to relationship building on digital platforms, meaning you are always collecting on opportunities wherever you are in the world.

Our programs have given growth strategies and support to more than 1000 business people since 2012.

Here’s some business folk we help

Join the growing list of savvy companies working with us to take connections to clients.

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“I auditioned lots of groups before I decided on joining this group. I have 10x my return through The Business League.”

– Jason Spaull, Gold Coast

“Jenny tripled the size of her business and has grown as leader”

– Jenny Godfrey, Sydney

“I achieved $22,000 of annual revenue in just 5 days through The Business League.”

– Penny Kennedy, Sunshine Coast

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Accelerate Your Networking Results

There are three main strategies every business networker needs in order to move someone from a being just a contact in their phone, or database.

In the past 8 years of running The Business League, we’ve seen loads of people fail in actually making networking get results.

It’s why we’ve made available our proven system that helps you to have fun, but also make fruitful, the conversations inside your community.

Join us on this Free Training to find out our:

  • Proven tactics to proficiently Work the Net
  • Strategies to move more Connections to Clients
  • Profitable Partnerships Pathway

You’ll walk away from this training with a true understanding of the 90-day Roadmap that will reshape how you approach your Networking.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help your business grow. In the process, we know you do too.

We teach you how to make your networking profitable, convert more sales, truly lead, all inside a positive and supportive community built to cheer you on.

Plus, we encourage our community to help save lives by giving blood to the Red Cross Lifeblood. And, every month, we help to replenish and regenerate one of Australia's seven wonders through gifting to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

We have a vision to leave a positive world for our children to grow up in. And we are not even close to being done!

Our Why

There is infinite possibility to connect to other humans anywhere in the world. There is more than 2 million SME owners registered in Australia and 760 million people on business networking platform LinkedIn alone!

Yet, we continually see people stuck finding the right people to tap in to that can open doors for them, or to purchase the thing they are so passionate about selling.

To us, that just feels wrong. And, we don’t think the old way of networking really supports entrepreneurs keen to grow past their geographic location.

It’s why we created this framework: To show you how to fill your business with high quality clients, turn connections in to cashflow and build your presence.

Our Founders

Meet husband and wife team, Edward and Rebecca Plant. He’s a Retired Army Major. She’s an ex-journo and dual state netball representative.

Their pairing was destined to create something special … apart from their two young children, that is. They are our kick-arse Leaders: Strategic, Passionate, Driven. They are personally invested in the outcomes of every member of The Business League.