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Install our Proven Networking Acceleration System into your business

Generate more high quality leads and convert more clients by re-strategizing your approach to one of the oldest marketing techniques in the book - we show you how.

The Outcome

  • Discover how to simplify your networking strategy to ensure you make more connections and get more opportunity to close
  • Quickly grow your prospect pool by working our Network Expansion Tactics (NET)
  • Access the structures and systems that ensure you accelerate the acquisition of clients and bypass time-wasters
  • Learn how to put the right message in front of the right people at the right time. We’ll show you how to land more of the leads you receive
  • Learn how to identify and engage strategic partnerships that will give you fast ROI
  • Learn how to sharpen your marketing messages to enlist more customers and clients quicker and easier
  • Tap into the national network we have spent 10 years building to get the perfect, profitable connections
  • Discover the systematic connection sequences and conversion techniques that more easily moves someone through your connection to client pathway
  • Tap into proven social marketing tactics to deliver your message subtly and powerfully to your peers and drive more interest and enquiry
  • Receive support from an experienced community of growth-minded business owners, so you’ll never feel alone
  • Learn exactly how to track key Networking metrics to help you replicate your results month-on-month, so you can focus on scaling your business more quickly.


Course Content

Over the next TWELVE weeks, we’ll help you implement the 6 key elements to turn your word-of-mouth marketing into a powerful marketing machine that generates reliable and predictable leads and opportunities each and every month.


Product and Offer Prioritiser 


Opportunity Identifier


Connection Qualifier


The Meeting Process


The Strategic Partnership Plan


The Customer to Client Pathway

What You Get Today

Immediate Access

Over the next 12 weeks you’ll implement the SIX key elements to turn your Networking efforts into a powerful marketing toolkit that generates you consistent results month-on-month.

Live Coaching And Accountability

You’ll also get a live Online Private Accountability schedule to speak with The Business League team directly every 14 days. Plus get your questions answered any time of day in our exclusive Implementation Group.

Fast Results

The SIX key focus areas are designed to transform your word-of-mouth marketing system and boost your confidence in moving connections to clients - and The Business League SupportTeam will be there with you the whole way.

Easy Implementation

You’ll get access to the SIX modules delivered by videos and worksheets through our secure members-only online HQ, group networking calls, plus 1-1 calls on phone and Zoom.

Networking Intensive

On top of this you’ll get exclusive client-only event pass to attend our In-Person Networking Intensive with Ed and Bec and The Business League community – valued at $1200


Real Results

Tracy learned new strategies to grow her business

 Kurt hit 100K sales from just one phone call in less than a month!

Steph grown her team and her network!

Brad received 10 x his ROI in 90 days!

Evan tripled his revenue in 6 months!

Beau says the quality of community is next level

Adam respects TBL's innovation

2 new tactics landed Kylie 3 new clients

Helen gets ROI in 60 days - attributes 70% of business to TBL