1/2 - day LIVE Workshop: For Gold Coast small business owners:

Discover how to double your revenue in the next 12-months WITHOUT any of the confusion of your past, by having THE EXACT steps to follow in just 1 day.

This 1/2-day LIVE Small Business Workshop is Going to Show You How To:

  • Swipe the EXACT system that small business owners are using to add more than $10K a month to their revenue. And increasing their business capabilities by 100%
  • Discover how you can reach your 12-month goals in half the time or less …
  • Learn how to get out of Your OLD model of operating (take anything that comes your way) So you can stop being stuck and start earning the money you want
  • You will personally have Me walk you through the EXACT steps our pilot group used to double their targets in 90-Days.

The Acceleration Day Intensive
with Edward Plant

Where CLARITY and ACTION is a promise, and not a marketing gimmick.

Dear Business Owner,

Here’s a very real problem: Too many business owners start out with a passion and a flurry of activity, but soon realise they’re spending too many hours doing the wrong things and getting nowhere near where they WANT to be.

Maybe this is true for you, too?

You’re not happy with your income. And while you do lots of great networking and get great education, you just can’t get any real traction.

So, you do what all business owners do: you network more, you try Facebook posting, you work on your mindset, you find more things to get busy with …

You hustle harder and work longer hours.

Even though you’ve listened to a thousand videos, podcasts or seminars preaching advice on what you need to do, you’re left frustrated and confused because you still haven’t got the results.

That doesn’t happen in my world.

In my world - and for my clients - we do things differently. More clarity, more strategic action and more Money.

Just Look At The Real World Examples...

The Business Owners Just Like YOU Building their dream businesses.

When Ben and Soonah started with me, their business was earning just over $120K a year. Within 4 months of starting in Growth Club, they are set to more than double their revenue and had the most $$$ in their business bank account since their inception 2 years before.

Jason 10x’d his ROI through one connection made in the group …
Now he is the #1 provider of asbestos removal to one of Australia’s biggest Real Estate franchises.

Danny signed his 2 biggest contracts ever, worth $50K each, within his first 90 days… He also signed 3 new monthly contracts which meant his repeat monthly revenue went from 0 to over $10 000 and has had to bring on staff to support his expanded workload.

This Is For You If…

  • If you are going around in circles and feeling like you are never going to make the kind of money that you really want
  • If you feel overwhelmed and know that your results could be so much better
  • If you are confused with what to do, to get more clients and build a business that means you are not stuck throwing business cards at people and hoping they’ll call
  • If you want a step-by-step guide that makes you think once and then spend the next 90 days just rolling out the plan (and rolling in the money)
  • If you want to surround yourself with people who are, like you, ready and raring to actually TAKE action and not just talk about it
  • If you want support beyond the creation of the plan, helping you implement faster and better

PLUS... We're Going To Show You save 10-hours a week in your business

This is a part of the ‘Growth Club’ program we use with our tribe in The Business League and with our couples throughout Australia in Lead a Better Business...

And we are going to show you the exact formula to have you doubling your revenue and doubling your time off!


Edward Plant

Best selling author, Speaker, Business Mentor, Leadership expert, Dad and Wine lover

"Being a former Australian Defence Force Major and Engineer for 17 years, I now run our intensive business programs out of the Gold Coast.

Let me give you the upper-hand I have gained from leading troops all over the world and then guiding hundreds of business owners through the exact steps you need to take, to build and lead your dream business.”


  • Complete clarity on what you really need to achieve
  • The exact steps needed in the next 90-days to drive your success and double your revenue
  • KPI’s to track against for the next 90-days to measure your success
  • Your biggest obstacle in business smashed through so it doesn’t hold you back anymore
  • An intimate community of Business Owners who are going through what you are going through and can support you improve and show you proven strategies that have worked for them
  • Whether your challenges are sales, more leads, time management, staff problems, yourself… It doesn’t matter you will get expert solutions to support you change this in your business once and for all

Reserve Your Spot Now...
Time Is Ticking.. And This Is The ONLY Event Left In 2018.

The "YES, Im Serious Tax"

It's really simple...

I ONLY want serious and smart business people in the room with us.

Which is why we have the "YES, I'm Serious Tax".

To Reserve your seat, you pay $1000.  

We do this to stop mediocre, uncommitted business folk from showing up and taking up valuable time.

This means you and I get more 1-1 time.

There Is Only One Catch Though...

My clients happily pay $1000s for these plans, advice and strategies with me, but we’ve only just met and I want it to be easy for you to come and work with me for the first time.

I can only let a small number of business owners in, as there is a lot of one-on-one advice that I give, rather than it being cookie cutter I want you to get specific advice that is relevant to you right now.

So you have to jump on board before the spots fill up.

You Will Also Get A FREE Copy
Of My Amazon Best Seller Book -

If you're a serious operator...

You know that to keep your business growing you need to keep growing.

You KNOW you want to raise the roof on your business.

This book will show you how to up-level your leadership and drive you and your team to ultimate success.


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