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The Impact of Passion and Culture on Burleigh Brewing


We recently had Peta Fielding, who is the CEO and founder of Burley Brewing presenting at one of our business breakfast.

We had 87 people attend and Peta shared some amazing insights that really resonated with our community.

My name is Edward Plant from The Business League and we support business owners CONNECT, DEVELOP and GROW their business.

We’re more than just a networking event.

We are a community of business owners that are strategically working to help you get better results.

At this event, Peta shared with us a little bit about the history of Burleigh Brewing, but more importantly about her role as the female leader in a very much male dominated world. Burley brewing started in 2006 when there were only 30 microbreweries in Australia. There are now 717 less than 14 years later. At the time they were pioneers. People wouldn’t drink anything but Carlton Draught, XXXX, VB. Anything else was just too foreign and alien for them to drink.

Peta was sharing that they couldn’t even give free beer away. It was that much of a different market and landscape to what we’re used to today.

The Role of Passion in Business

Over their 14-years, there have been a heap of challenges for them and the Brewery.  One of the key things that’s really held true and allowed her to overcome these challenges is her passion to run an amazing business and impact her staff and her community. And her husband who is the master brewer and a world recognised beer judge, has an amazing desire just to make amazing beer and that’s just what he wants to do.  A side benefit that comes from this passion and desire is the certainty and that unequivocal doubt that this is the thing they need to be doing and to keep doing it. Peta shared that for her the passion fuelled her creativity, her clarity and helped her move forward, particularly in those tough times.

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The Role of Culture in Business

Another of the really big messages that resonated with our networking community was around the culture that they’ve created for their business. At Burleigh Brewery  when a staff member has been with them for one year they give them a custom made surfboard that says “Thanks for being on board”. At 5-years they give their staff and their partners a weekend away for both of them giving to their community.  One of the important things about Culture, said Peta was that whilst those big pieces were important, the really important things are the little intangible things on a day to day basis.  These small things that epitomise the culture have the biggest impact.  It’s not these big moving parts and all the glossy stuff. It’s the being congruent with those intentions and making actions every single day.

So they are two of the 10 to 15 insights our attendees took away from this Business Breakfast.  And Yes, our Business Breakfasts are about networking and people get amazing business out of them, but they are also about surrounding your self with amazing people. At the breakfast we had one member share that they’d made $20,000 in the last six weeks. Which is an amazing return on investment. A 200X return on investment for that month!!!!

The other thing that happens at our Business Networking Breakfasts is that we learn and we share and we support each other to become better. It’s all about that community. The five people you surround yourself with are the people that you’re going to rise or fall to their level, to the average of that. So why not surround yourself with five or more people that are going to really help you lift personally and in business.

So what I’d love to know is whether you network, and whether you’d like to join us at one of our events.  If you do you can check them out here:  https://www.thebusinessleague.com.au/virtual-networking-event/

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