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10 top business strategies from a global real estate business owner


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The Australian real estate industry has never been better, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy field to work in. Speculation and market forces can make or break a business in the blink of an eye, so it’s essential to have a business strategy informing your decision making. As someone who’s been on the market for decades, I’ve come to rely on 10 strategies to take me from strength to strength:

  1. Have a vision – without an end goal in mind, you won’t know what you need to achieve at the end of each day.
  2. Differentiate between content and context – many businesses get caught up in the content of a situation, forgetting the overall context.
  3. Pursuing growth through challenges – things will get tough. You need to keep pursuing progress, no matter how small.
  4. Build growth platforms – Before you pursue growth, make sure that you’ve built a solid platform on which to base your efforts.
  5. Eliminate energy blocks – Struggling to stay motivated and active? Something (or someone) could be acting as a negative energy block.
  6. Morning ritual – Do you take time every day to centre yourself and set a course of action? If not, it’s time to establish a morning ritual.
  7. It’s up to me – Waiting on someone or something to change? You might be waiting forever. You have the power to change things, so do it yourself.
  8. Trust your intuition – If something feels wrong or right, it often is. Don’t underestimate your gut or your heart. Trust it.
  9. Cultivate curiosity – Constantly thinking about new things and processing them as feelings and knowledge can provide you with endless inspiration.
  10.  Remember the SWOT analysis – When contemplating a major decision, the SWOT analysis never disappoints. It should be the starting point of all your decision making.


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