Why Networking is like Internet Dating


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We are huge advocates for Virtual Networking.

We know it generates impact and results.

But, we are also probably a lot like you …


It’s why once a quarter our community comes together IN PERSON to spend 6-12 hours together connecting and building on their relationships.

Our crews from Sydney and Melbourne fly up to the Gold Coast and join in the fun.

And, we spend time building on the connections they have made virtually.

It’s like bringing family back together. Like a reunion.

It’s also kind of like Internet Dating.

You see someone you like the look of online …

You throw out an opening line …

You chat back and forth …

You stalk a little bit on some other platforms …

Most times, if there is an alignment, you meet in person.

Virtual, social and zoom networking is just like this.

You see, what the virtual component does is causes anticipation and excitement for the ‘meet in real life’ (IRL).

You spark the conversation virtually …

You build the rapport and likeability virtually …

You may even talk about the offer, virtually …

Then, you cement the relationship physically.

Face-to-Face definitely has a place in business networking, but it’s not where all the work is done.

The work is done in the rapport and the connection phase. If you don’t ‘look good’, then people aren’t going to want to meet in real-life.

In this day and age, you are limiting yourself if you are only networking physically.

How often are you showing up in a virtual community and building anticipation for how awesome you are IRL?

BTW – Our crew are coming together IRL on Friday, 6th August for our quarterly event. Would you like an invitation to our party? Hit ‘reply’ and we’ll see if you make the door list 😉

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