Train Your Mind To Look For Collaborations


In the early days, months and years of business, it can be all-consuming to look for the right Clients – the people who can pay your bills and keep you being paid for doing something you love.
But, at some point, the ‘chasing’ of clients on your own can become …
– a bit boring
– a bit tough
– a habit that keeps you playing smaller than your potential.
That is where Collaboration comes to play.  But, how do you know who will make a good Collaborative partner? How can you work out if you will get as much as you will give, out of a relationship?
There’s no doubt about it that a Partner – someone you are jumping in to business bed with – needs to be as committed to the outcome of your collaboration as you are. And, it’s not always a fast thing.  Sometimes you can meet a Collaborative Partner who makes sense straight off the bat.  You have each other’s clients and offer different but complementary services.

Getting in to bed makes COMPLETE sense.
Other times, it may take a few phone calls, a meet in person, or some well-crafted emails to establish the mutual trust that will ensure your success.  Or, to come up with the right hook.
So, here’s a few things to consider when deciding on your Collaboration partner:
– What is the feedback like from the client’s / customers of your potential partner?
– How do I feel about the person, as a person?
– Do I respect the way they do their business?
– When I ask them questions, they give me a response that has integrity and answers my queries.
– Could I offer value to this person’s tribe? How?
– How could they offer value to their tribe?
– Would I / Do I use their services?  This one is super important.
Creating Collaborations can be one of the fastest ways to expand your reach. And, the best part is, someone else is using their good reputation with their folk to Position You as the Go-To person. And that creates a Win-Win for everyone involved!
So, remember, don’t always think ‘CLIENT’.  When you meet someone you really gel with or respect, think ‘COLLABORATION’.  And more importantly, ‘How could I collaborate here?’. Business is WAY more fun when you’re doing it with people you like.

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