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What A Best-Selling Sex Aid Business Can Teach You About Finding The Right People


Finding The Right People

According to self-help guru Jim Rohn, you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Now that you know that, would you say that you’re surrounding yourself with the right people?

This is not a new sentiment. In fact, it’s a major theme in author Robert Kiyosaki’s seminal book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book details the lessons Kiyosaki learnt from two influential men in his life and how each one taught him different principles – one reminding him of where he came from and one reminding him of where he wanted to be.

Both Kiyosaki and Rohn understand the importance of having people around you that can connect you to where you’d like to be – reminding you also though, that it’s equally important to also remain grounded in the swell where your core consumers reside.

Keith Jones, founder of Sensuous and our next Business League Breakfast Guest Speaker would know all about it.

It might be 2017 but the area of sexual health is still often spoken about with embarrassment and trepidation – even amongst married couples and consenting adults. Pleasure enhancers are not something that most people feel comfortable purchasing or discussing openly – even if they enjoy using them.

Sensuous however, has managed to bring the industry of massage oils and lubricants, sex toys and edible gels out of the realm of illicit brown bag purchases and turned them into an acceptable discussion point of the average Australian’s sex life.

Jones applies as much dedication and care into improving the quality and performance of each and every Sensuous product on the market as any other CEO, constantly working on making sure customers benefit from the best product imaginable, Australian originated ingredients, and fighting off poor imitations in the process. At the same time, Sensuous has managed to make significant headway into the traditionally conservative markets of the Middle East and China.

It certainly requires a diverse team of people to help keep your products remaining cheeky and relevant (Salted Caramel Kissable massage oil, anyone?) while simultaneously creating a powerful international distribution network of worthy distributors – and yet Sensuous has managed to get it right.

Make sure you attend our next Business Breakfast to hear from Keith Jones himself how you can surround yourself with people who both remind you of what you’re in it for – as well as people who push you further.

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