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Begin accelerating your networking to create a six-figure funnel through implementing 3 of our best tactics to land you leads, sales and cash in the bank.

Action-fuelled Impact Session

Essential knowledge for every Small Business owner interested in turning their networking efforts into a consistent and profitable marketing channel in the next 3 months.

The Main Goal Of This Free Training Is:

Show you the fastest ways to collect cash from your current network and attract more qualified prospects to begin building your Business Improvement Fund.

What Clients Are Saying...


"My income went from 7k a month to 20k a month ... and all growth happened within a 6-month window."


"I learned new business strategies to double the size of my business. TBL is so much more than just meeting people."


"Before joining, I had 6 athletes in my program. Currently, I'm at 20 (and counting) athletes onto ongoing membership and the numbers are growing every month!"

Rebecca: 10x her ROI from one referral

Rebecca 2

I've gotten a new client that is 10x my average dollar sale.

Jared: Set to 24x his investment


I have a target income figure that I get from The Business League which actually pays back my membership 24x.

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*Results may vary. These are some of the different results people reported from our program.

What You Will learn On This Free Online Training



Build out your strategy around taking 'Nos' to a 'Yes'.

An Ed-stimate suggests 90% of businesses don't do this tactic and it's the easiest way to collect cash quickly.



Catapult your competitors by using the one tool that 80% of Australians have access to.

Bye-bye Time Wasters and Hello Qualified Clients.



Tap into your Upsell model that shows proactivity to your clients.

There's money on the table that you're missing - get it off the table and into your bank account.

Terms & Conditions Apply
*Results may vary. These are some of the different results people reported from our program.


Edward and Rebecca Plant

Ed and Bec have been using their business to grow their clients’ for 9+ years.

They have helped hundreds of small business owners in Australia to grow their business from garage operations to 7 figures and beyond, all through the power of networking.

Their IP around accelerated networking has aided 3 businesses in the past 12 months to launch from 0 to 6 figures, with one heading to $1million revenue.

Terms & Conditions Apply