The Accelerated Networking Framework

We developed a simple 3-step Accelerated Networking strategy that generates our clients, on average, 2-3 high value clients every 90 days

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Private Webclass. Essential knowledge for every Small Business owner interested in turning their networking efforts into a consistent and profitable marketing channel in the next 3 months.

The Main Goal Of This Webinar Is:

A simple 3-step strategy we're using with our clients to help them generate 10 to 15 times their ROI through networking.

What Clients Are Saying...

Ashley: $37k in 4 months

"I've received 5 referrals in the past 4 months that have generated me $37,000."

Helen gets ROI in 60 days - attributes 70% of business to TBL

Img Helen

At least 70% of my work can be attributed to The Business League.

Brad received 10 x his ROI in 90 days!

I've sold 3 or 4 solar systems in total value upwards of 40 grand.

Rebecca: 10x her ROI from one referral

I've gotten a new client that is 10x my average dollar sale.

Jared: Set to 24x his investment

I have a target income figure that I get from The Business League which actually pays back my membership 24x.

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*Results may vary. These are some of the different results people reported from our program.

What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:



Learn how to attract the right people and interact with them to quickly qualify them into hot prospects.



You'll use the connection to client pathway to show you how to build a highly profitable prospect pipeline that generates you ongoing opportunity month-on-month.



Tapping to profitable partnerships so you make 6-7 figures fast without needing hundreds of leads a month.

Terms & Conditions Apply
*Results may vary. These are some of the different results people reported from our program.


Edward and Rebecca Plant

Ed and Bec have been using their business to grow their clients’ for 8+ years.

They have helped hundreds of small business owners in Australia to grow their business from garage operations to 7 figures and beyond, all through the power of networking.

Their IP around accelerated networking has aided 3 businesses in the past 12 months to launch from 0 to 6 figures, with one heading to $1million revenue.

Terms & Conditions Apply