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It was one week ago today that I celebrated 40 full rotations around the sun (thank you to EVERY single one of you that sent your thoughts, love and songs 🎼)

Many people have already expressed their sadness at the ending of my quest 🥺 … many have said ‘Yay, thank God you’re done’ 😂

Regardless of where you stand, that Quest has reshaped my entire outlook to our family and business life.

There were times in the past decade when I didn’t think I would make it to 40.

And there were many things I did in my 20s that suggest I am lucky to have made it this far 😬🙈

So, making my ‘LIFE’ a celebration for this period seemed incredibly fitting. Having a purposeful quest designed to create opportunity to do one thing each day that I had never done before, seemed the ONLY fitting way to honour it.

Some of those QUESTS were big things … like circumnavigating Magnetic Island on a Jet Ski . Or interview the founders of one of Australia’s fastest growing retail start-ups.

Some were small things … like picking my kids up from school at 10am and taking them to a theme park for the day, eating a meal blindfolded, or ‘skipping’ my dog for a walk instead of walking him.

Some of them were *REALLY* small things … like peeling a cardamon pod (have you ever done it? It’s VERY fiddly).

But each day, the purpose of finding something new to experience for the first time brought a long-lasting sense of happiness.

Making JOY the FIRST PRIORITY of my every day was a real face-slam kind of awareness …

Through the past 9 years of building our business, Fun has been something that has come AFTER Focus.

Something that you did when all the things that needed to be done – and let’s face it, as a mother of two young children and manager of her own business – there are ALWAYS things to be done.

Yet, when I started #40for40 something interesting happened …

🥳 Fun became my Focus

💪 I became more efficient during my working times, so I could more quickly complete things to ensure I got that day’s Quest Activity done

💋 So many people reached out with ideas to help me reach my goal

🤗 I factored days off, just to DO something fun.

I’ve always been a curious person who loves to party.

Until this Quest, I didn’t realise I’d lost my mindset of adventure on a daily basis. I’d stopped being curious about my own Joy.

And even on the days when I had to scrounge around for some kind of first to finish, it was an adventure to come up with that thing!

I pride myself on boundaries … doing only the things that support my life to feel fuller or help me reach my goal.

It’s the reason our entire business is built as it is – teaching people accelerated tactics for something that for eons has been told has to take a ‘year or 2’ to get return.

Through this experience, I realised that reaching my Accomplishments had become more important that Enjoying the Experience.

So, from now on in, even when there is Focus, I’ve promised myself it will be balanced with Fun.

Am I living?

Australian Artist ‘Tones and I’ epitomises the realisations of my last 40 days so beautifully in her song ‘Cloudy Days’ …

Oh, what a funny thing to say

But there’s alive, and then there’s living

Am I living for today?

And I’m getting older

With every memory I make

Now that I’m older, with these moments

Will I live with them or just throw them away, away?

Your business should work for you. It should help you have a Fun Life.

If that’s not the case, then it’s time to reset.

At 40, I’m not even halfway through my life here. And I intend for the next 40 to be just as darn impactful for me, our community and our planet.

Fun is the new 🎯Focus.

Thanks for joining me on the Adventure to this point ❤️

P.S. I’ve decided 40 looks good on me 😉

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