Fold Growth

Step into the Accountability and Structure of our High Performers Program

Double your income and elevate your leadership by creating a business system that is scaled to give you more flexibility and freedom - we’ll work with you to create it. 

Know More, Do Less

Your Business needs to deliver on Your Goals

Our 90-day Accelerated Networking Program gets you to lay the foundations inside our organic word-of-mouth marketing strategy – a lead generation and low-cost marketing approach to connect with your best customers, engage them in conversation and convert them into clients.

With Results-based Networking being an important part of our expansion strategy, it’s only one part of The Business League structure. It’s why we move those business people who are ready into our high performers Growth Club, where we expand on the lead attraction and conversion strategies from the ANP and move into more advanced Sales Upgrades (scripted qualification and offer tactics) and Scale Strategy (process-drive profitability plans) through our Hybrid Business Building Systems.

Man Delivering Goals

Growth Club Upgrades Your Peers, Your Results, And your expectations of what is Possible

  • Discover how to bypass the onesie-twosie networking results and instead, drive for six-figure collaborations
  • Access our Profit Plan Projector - it’s like a crystal ball for resourcing and advancement
  • Access the structures and systems that ensure you accelerate the acquisition of clients and bypass time-wasters
  • Quickly simplify your offerings for sale with our Product Packaging Formula
  • Learn how to create your Business as a Eco System, driven by profitable and efficient processes
  • Transform your team’s performance to drive better results without your input
  • Get accountable to your Battle Plans and stick to the path of your true destination.

Growing your Business Is About Consistent, Deliberate and Proven Actions

Simplicity is way better than Complexity

We’ll help you implement the 9 key elements to turn your business into a Sustainable Machine that allows you to return to the activities you enjoy - and the things that are important.

You’ll build a business driven by passion, attracting the next generation of A Players to support your pursuit of excellence. 

Growth Model


There is no better goal to achieve than you set through the lens of Passion and Desire. We’ll make sure your Game Plan identifies the true priorities and creates the right Formula for success.


Through your customised Profit Plan and established metrics, we’ll work with you to understand your Impact vs Effort every 30 days. There’s no use being busy if it’s not creating results.


Your tailored Battle Plan will ensure there is a process for knowing the daily actions that you and your team have to move on. Your reviews will make sure they continue to be the right moves.

Inside the Growth Club Program, You'll get:


  • A customised Game Plan to get you clear, confident and forward focused
  • Upgraded Access to Ed, Bec and our team of experts
  • Priority 1:1 coaching


  • Access To Advanced Training and Growth Club only Content
  • Fresh and Innovative solutions driven by best practice and proven results
  • Exclusive Insight into our Guest Speakers during Masterminds


  • Exclusive Growth Club only Events
  • 24-7 access to your Growth Club peers and community
  • Intimate QnA opportunities with our millionaire Growth Club mentors


Real Results

Jenny tripled the size of her business and has grown as leader

Brad received 10 x his ROI in 90 days!

Tracy learned new strategies to grow her business

David has grown from $128,000 revenue to $1.6 Million in 12 months. 

Adam respects TBL's innovation

Beau says the quality of community
is next level

Evan tripled his revenue in 6 months!

Steph grown her team and her network