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I’m about to be offline and on a boat at the top end of the Coral Sea for 7 days ⛵️

And you know what’s cool?

I’ll still be generating leads through networking, without ever touching foot in an event 🤗

When I told a business owner this a couple of days ago, they were shocked.

“What? How? You won’t be able to even network.”

❗️Eeek, stop right there ❗️ I say.

I don’t have to be at a physical event, or even on zoom to network.

And I don’t even need to personally be at my computer.

When the real aim of your Networking is to create conversations (opportunities for sales) and build relationships, you don’t need events and localised meet-ups to do that in this day and age.

With the right strategies and tactics for a variety of virtual platforms, it’s easy to create lead generation campaigns that can be offloaded to the team … that means without me DOING the things, I will have conversations to follow up when I return.

The biggest networking block for small business owners who sell their services as products, is they believe they have to be AT an event to get referrals or generate leads (ie, to network).

It really isn’t the ONLY way.

Our Accelerated Networking System means that you can fish (excuse the boat pun) even if you are on holiday.

And the habits that help our clients get 3+ high-value clients a month on repeat, are the EXACT same ones that our team will be playing out while we are away.

So …

– if the Event Circuit doesn’t work for you because you are introverted or simply have limited time

– you feel like you’ve outgrown traditional methods of networking

– if you have a great local network through events but have a service that can be used by people all over Australia …

It’s time to look at another way of getting clients that is less labour intensive from YOU.

Happy to help you do that when I’m back … For now, time for me to get a good dose of Vitamin Sea!

📸 is from November 2021, the last time we were on our friends’ sailing boat 😊

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