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What do you love about Leina?

Hey, Bec here, that’s what I considered calling this post, after having the pleasure of meeting with GC Fashion Creative Leina Broughton and the label’s business-gun Fleur Richardson in their GC headquarters last week.

Instead, let me just call it this … TALKS WITH LEINA.

In the lead-up to Leina presenting to The Business League we talk about how to REINVENT or DIE.

So, get your tickets! Claim them here: https://www.thebusinessleague.com.au/virtual-networking-event/

What these women are doing for fashion, human empowerment and thinking global while acting local, is nothing short of impressive.

And if you’ve ever felt stuck in your ‘bricks and mortar’ industry, then Leina’s story is one you’ll want to hear. Not only has she shifted the model of how fashion is delivered , but she is recreating the ‘type’ of person who wears a well-designed and quality label.

Get to know Leina and Fleur a little more in this short video (our personal favourite part of this video is the cameo at 2:11). And when you come to the event, learn about:

  • – key to the label’s success in doubling their revenue year-on-year since 2015 the best $2000 Leina ever spent for their business
  • – why Leina Broughton decided to buck the fashion system
  • – how she manages to entice 100,000 engagements each week in her Facebook group of 3,000
  • – and why Leina thinks doing business on a shoestring budget can be one of your best creative moves.

This will be another stellar QnA with a true Gold Coast Business PowerHouse. And a treat for our Growth Club who will get their own personal Hot Seat with Leina and Fluer after our breakfast event.

Claim your ticket to our event here: https://www.thebusinessleague.com.au/virtual-networking-event/

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