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Living outrageously, and how it can impact your networking


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What does it mean to truly live outrageously? And what could it possibly have to do with your business networking efforts?

Living outrageously is the idea that YOU can live outrageously, whatever OUTRAGEOUS means to you, and this concept extends to your networking.

Coming up we have the pleasure of listening to Dave Thompson speaking at one of our breakfasts. Dave was a lawyer, based in Brisbane and in the ‘grind’. He could feel his ‘work’ sucking the life out of him.  He decided to take action and do something outrageous.  This ‘something’ was set a World Record.  Dave admits he never planned on the results or path this something outrageous triggered, but fast forward to today and Dave has just come back from his dream of running his successful business whilst snowboarding in Whistler…

So many people think they have to run their business and network a particular way. They see that everyone has a business card, so they decide they need one. Everyone runs webinars, so they need one too. Everyone wants a multimillion-dollar business, so they want one too.

And it’s just not true.  Dave had been told his life: “Do well at school. Get a good job.” and it didn’t work for him.

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When you consider the idea of what outrageous is on your own terms, then you get insights that can lead you down a whole new path that is 100 percent yours. I believe that there are a million ways to win in the game of business, and that you don’t need to follow/copy/be someone else. What Gary V does to be successful probably won’t work for you.

What is living outrageously about?

Living outrageously is about challenging the status quo, working towards goals that are important TO YOU, not to society, or anyone else’s, and being able to break out of the monotonous. I have found that this almost always leads to you being able to build an outrageous business, deliver an outrageously great product and or service, and ultimately, live an outrageous life.  What does this boil down to.  Normally MORE FUN.

This is where you ask, “Well, how can I apply this attitude to my networking, and more importantly why should I?”

Think about this: If you are boring and are bored by your own life, how can you expect other people to get excited and buy into your business?

Who will remember you, let alone refer you? No one.

How does living outrageously apply to me?

Living outrageously is just another way for you to decide for yourself how you would like to be different, innovative, and stand out from the crowd. That doesn’t mean that you should attempt a handstand and chug a beer at your next networking meeting (although it could!). It just means that you should bring your FULL SELF – all of you – when you network. People want to meet the real person who is behind the business, so let them see you. That is the easiest way to become outrageous and it will definitely impact your networking!

One of our members recently did this and has had great success.  Al Taylor, from EyeCatcha Promotional Products created an ‘instagram’ cutout that all the members and guests could have fun with and get heaps of photos in. He ran a competition for the best photo.  Al got publicity, got remembered and also gained more business.  A great ‘outrageous’ idea for his networkinging.

I’d love to know – what’s your outrageous idea?

Business Owners

To check out Dave’s first world record have a look here:  https://recordsetter.com/world-record/high-five/5732

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