Networking 101 – Don’t do this


At our last business breakfast I as talking to some of our guests and I asked them what challenges they face when networking?

There were quite a few answers and I wanted to talk to you about one of them in particular.

I call this Networking 101.

I call this Networking 101, because when I was in the Army every tactic and training we did started at the foundations which were always called 101. For example Drill 101, Shooting 101 – you get the picture.
So anyway, the most common answer I get to the questions “What are the biggest problems / challenges with networking”, someone always says:

“People who just do the card swap or grab and then spam you”

And yes, it’s awful when people are just interested in grabbing as many cards as possible, only talking about themselves and then have awful follow up where they just spam you and tell you how good they are and why you should buy from them.

Networking 101 – DON’T DO THIS!!!

So the solution to this is, two words. Grab a pen and right these down.

They are: STOP. IT.

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