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Networking Event with Guest Speakers, The Men Behind Mr. Consistent



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Business Networking Event:

  • Friday, 5th November 2021 | 6.30 am to 9 am QLD
  • RACV Royal Pines Resort, Ross St, Benowa QLD 4217

Now more than ever, COMMUNITY and CONNECTIONS are essential for Your business success

At our BUSINESS NETWORKING EVENTS you get quality time to actually CONNECT to other attendees, get to know them and even LEARN from them.



  • Press the flesh in a high quality venue
  • Experience a national reach locally
  • Have face-to-face conversations
  • Experienced hosts with high-tech delivery
  • Eat and Talk in-person with dynamic people

Here's What Our Members Say About These Events

Through Jason's involvement in The Business League he has gone from Zero to a Million Dollars in 3-short years

Leanne Kemp is the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur and she shares about her experience with The Business League

Helen attributes 70% of her business to TBL and got her ROI in 60 days!

IN PERSON: Quarterly Networking Intensive

If you don’t know who these guys are, I’m not surprised.

It’s not their heads you see around too much.

But perhaps you have seen their BRAND in a general store...

At a bar …

Or in a friend's (:wink:) liquor cabinet in the past 12 months.

Mr Consistent launched around 18 months ago, from the minds of three average blokes (our November speakers) - Jarrad, Michael and Jeremy.

Their aim was simple: To bring delicious cocktails to everyone stuck at home.

With music and hospitality industry background, they started out modestly selling their non-alcoholic mixer to their bar contacts. In the first few weeks they had hit $10,000 / week in sales, making product from their home kitchen.

Fast forward to today, they have grown their organisation to … 

  • Sales of $300,000 / week
  • A 2000sqm production facility
  • A team of more than 60 
  • Now available from Australia’s largest liquor retailer, Dan Murphy’s.

And on Friday, 5th November, you will get an opportunity to have a conversation with the men and minds behind one of Australia’s fastest growing retail brands live and in person on the Gold Coast.

We could write a long sales page to try and convince you why you should join our business networking event

But we decided to let previous attendees and speakers do the talking:

Damian uses Strategic Community Partnerships to 5x his business

You get back what you put in, says Andrew

Watmar Electrical use Networking as one of their core Growth Strategies. The Business League has been part of that for years.

Are you connecting with quality leads and collaborators every single day?

If you are a small business and not surrounded with business owners who are playing a bigger game than you, you are missing a massive opportunity.

As John F Kennedy coined, “A rising tide lifts all boats”. in the case of our small business economy, that has never been more critical. There are 2.2 million of us! That’s one-fifth of the economy’s GDP. And now, more then ever, it is essential that we band together. That you have an active, supportive community so that you can grow your business quicker.

Your business doesn’t need a flood of leads or Negative Nellies. Your business needs quality connections and positive, forward thinkers.

We don’t run events that have people talk AT you. We talk TO you. YOU talk to us. You talk to each other. Using this proven strategy, you’ll see how you can easily make the right decisions and connections to advance your business and 10x your ROI on investment in a community like ours.

Here are the 4 key ingredients of all our events

1. The Best Real-World Speakers

We bring to you some of the best speakers in Australia talking to you about what works. What doesn’t work and what you need to do.

Lets’ face it. You can either make the mistakes yourself or learn from people who have walked the path before you. We bring together Business Owners that have proven runs on the board and get them to share why and how they have become successful.

2. Connections With Quality Business Owners

Build a Community Of Highly Targeted Professionals Relevant To Your Business.

At our event you will meet quality business owners who have been in business for decades.

Your connection base is the foundation for creating the business opportunities you want. The better the connections you make the better the potential output for your business.

3. Celebration Of The Doers

Network and create actual business.

At our event you will meet quality business owners who have been in business for decades and who are open to actively support you get more business.

Connections = Conversations = Conversions
Quality Connections = Quality Conversations = MORE Conversions

4. Actual Conversations

Imagine that. Have actual conversations with actual business owners.

Our events are not all about people talking at you and you listening.

Networking events can be hard work. Let’s be honest they can be BORING. Not our events. We keep them engaging. Exciting. FUN and Informative.They are the perfect balance of learning and connecting.

So why are we doing this for free - what's the catch?

People often ask us why we give away our Virtual Business Event Ticket for free? A ticket that in the case of many other big networking platforms people pay hundreds of dollars for … Here’s why you’ll get it for FREE…

As utopian as it sounds, our vision is to help other passionate business owners to have a greater impact on their own community. To more positively affect those in their world through their family, their schools, their groups. The more positive business owners, the more hopeful and positive is the economy. And well, that just makes a better Australia. .

In 2015, an article in the Harvard Business Review wrote:

‘Building the right relationships - networking - is critical in business. Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky. They are attached to people’.

Never could this statement be more truthful. This is a time that could break you - unless you have the right people in your corner to see the Opportunity that stands in front of you.

So, we figure,

  1. 1
    Most networking groups go through a franchised model of passing in slips or offering lip service, but are often made up of operators more interested their own ROI than making a REAL difference in someone else’s life.
  2. 2
    Or, the people in the group are so accustomed to following the bouncing ball that deviations on the path (like COVID-19) offer far too many challenges to think left-field and become of no service to an entrepreneurial thinker.

We are committed to innovation and turning business struggles into simple solutions that are proven to get results, cutting edge, quick and easy to implement and don’t cost the earth.

There is nothing harder than seeing a business fail, knowing that if they were part of a community committed to their positive growth, they would have had a chance. So, we're committed to opening the doors and sharing our systems and framework that has helped the hundreds of our past and present members.

And, to be completely honest, we are looking for a few more high-level business owners that want to join our tribe and work our system to evolve their business (and themselves), and really create a team of dynamic, supportive and motivated humans who can soundboard them through the struggles and wooooop them through the wins.

So we figured by giving you a seat at the table, by being transparent and opening up our community you’ll be able to have an inside look at who we are and how we operate and see if you want to align with us and create something amazing.

If you want to find out more about The Business League, great. And if not, that’s ok too.

So, our community benefits too.

The Education Jared learnt was his real business propeller

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The most understanding and accepting group that I’ve ever been involved with, says Annette