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Jon Dwayre - Managing Director and Owner of Orbitz

The past 7 years has been quite a ride for Queensland Elevator Millionaire, John Dwayre.

When he launched Orbitz Elevators in 2015, he was just one man with a van and a willingness to max his credit card in order to build the business he saw was desperately needed in his industry.

Fast forward to 2019 ... and John was named Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year due to his impressive year-on-year revenue growth and job creation since launch (at the time he was employing 85 people). Safe to say his credit card risk was a winner!


Since then, the world has turned on its head - and with it, John’s business model. But not so his business growth.

Pre Covid, Orbitz elevators had a significant workforce employed across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

When the world changed in 2019, his need to readjust and pivot was essential. His workforce needed to be significantly reduced without losing any of its output.

And on Friday, 6th May, you’ll have the opportunity to hear how John managed to continue to elevate his business and experience continual financial growth despite the shift in his operation.

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