Member’s guest registration for our 4th Nov Networking Breakfast


Our March Networking Event will be pivotal for you, if:

  • you sell services as your products (ie, trades, accountants, brokers, SEO, websites, video … ),
  • generating at least $10k a month right now,
  • and you want to attract more clients and created a leveraged networking system

Here’s a bit more about it:
Our members from the east coast of Australia are coming together in one room to explore client relationships, possible collaborations and hear lessons from a multi-million dollar business owner  …

  • How to build a hotter lead list
  • Learn from the founder of the country’s biggest Emergency Animal Services clinics on their sustained growth over the past 16 years (8 clinics, 300+ team)
  • Identify the exact #s of conversations you need to hit your financial targets in 2023
  • Structure your Activity Rhythm for the next 90 days to crush your goals.

This isn’t one of those events where you sit down, eat some food, shake some hands, getting amped on the atmosphere … but really get no actual tactics, business or strategy from your time invested.We go hands-on.In just one day - you’ll leave with a HUGE head start toward making your networking a six-figure funnel for your business.
Plus, you’ll pick up a host of new tactics and skills to transform the way you take someone from connection to client.
Plus, you’ll get fed and hydrated!  That’s a good day in itself.

– Evan Bishop, Worldly Migration 

– Tracy Askew, Super Equity 

– Jackson Silvester-Lee, Rivals Athlete Performance Centre 

– Helen Kay, Rise Legal

– Michael Westerberg, Forward Bookkeeping

– Gordon Rutty, Smart Property Research 

– Jenny Godfrey, Concept Designs and Marketing

– Marie Fedorov, Fedorov Family Lawyers 

– Ali Rihani, Hausworx