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Who we are

Meet husband and wife team, Edward and Rebecca Plant. He’s a Retired Army Major. She’s an ex-journo and dual state netball representative.

Their pairing was destined to create something special … apart from their two young children, that is. They are also our kick-arse Leaders: Strategic, Passionate, Driven. They are personally invested in the outcomes of every member of The Business League.

rebecca edward

What we do 

At The Business League, we understand that networking is way more about building a well-rounded and collaborative business, rather than getting onesie-twosie leads. It’s why we engage Australia’s best business leaders to share their stories of success and failure every month.

t’s also the reason we put so much effort into attracting a high calibre of player to our community, so you have plenty of connections ready to support your growth as a client or collaborator.

Picnic with team

Our Frameworks help small business owners attract and convert leads. And our paperless, Human Accountability Team makes sure you are supported to make the right moves at the right time, connect to the right people depending on your needs. Our Client Support and Concierge Team are right now madly tapping away and taking calls with our members to make sure YOUR every move inside OUR business, brings positive results for YOURS.

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Here’s some business folk we help

Join the growing list of savvy companies working with us to take connections to clients.

“I auditioned lots of groups before I decided on joining this group. I have 10x my return through The Business League.”

– Jason Spaull, Gold Coast

“Jenny tripled the size of her business and has grown as leader”

– Jenny Godfrey, Sydney

“I achieved $22,000 of annual revenue in just 5 days through The Business League.”

– Penny Kennedy, Sunshine Coast

"What I love about The Business League is there's such a variety of functions to attend, people to meet... It's just amazing. Lots of learning."

– Marie Fedorov, Fedorov Family Lawyers

"Since I've been a part of The Business League, I've benefited from Ed's coaching."

– Gordon Rutty, Smart Property Research

"When I started my own firm and when I got here, it was like a family waiting for me to come"

– Helen Kay, Rise Legal