Networking Mistake #3


Networking Mistake #3

Previously I have written about 2-mistakes that I witnessed in 2018.

This next one is critical and can be the difference between money and friends.

By friends I mean people you have relationship with, but don’t give you business.

By money I mean SALES, SALES, SALES.

In the past 12-months I know at least half a dozen Business Owners who have lost business or not won the business because of this mistake.

So I wanted to share it with you.

Mistake #3

I can list at least 6 sales that business owners didn’t get because of this mistake.

So here it is…


Crap Follow Up

So of the examples that I can list I know some of them where because they didn’t follow up with the person. Whether this was because they didn’t want to be salesy and pester someone or they lost track or they didn’t have the process to do it well.  

Either way they lost business.

But more than this, they lost position.  

By this I mean that those people haven’t put their best foot forward and made the best impression. For example if I have to follow up someone or they don;t get back to me I’m less likely to refer them to someone else.

There could have been other reasons that they didn’t pursue the opportunity, for example, it wasn’t a great fit, they didn’t want the business, etc.

The solution to follow up, though still means that you hold your position. 95% of the time this comes down to communication.

Even a quick call or email, saying “Thanks for the opportunity, however I’m unable to act on this at this time.” At least lets them know they haven’t been forgotten or ignored.

The Money is in the Follow Up

To overcome this problem in your business create a process for engaging and follow up that can occur seamlessly and doesn’t fall over if you ‘forget’ or get busy.

This can be in the form of templates.  A team member taking over for you. Having those conversations.

In 2019, don’t leave money on the table because you haven’t continued the conversation.

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