Networking With Humility and Empathy



Do you tend to associate networking with showmanship?

You know, the opportunity to talk about your achievements and credentials.

It’s not uncommon for people to let their ego run the show. 

Even worse, some professionals eagerly jump on any opportunity to show how others are wrong.

You don’t have to look very hard to see proof of this behaviour. Just take a look at the comments on different online professional networks. 

But the fact is…

This kind of mindset and behaviour has the opposite effect when it comes to building rapport. 

Why Humility is Crucial

Whenever you feel compelled to correct someone or follow up with a clever remark, remember to do one thing first…

Hold your horses for a little while!

It’s because putting your opinions, needs, and desires first is the exact opposite of what being humble means. 

The same principle applies when it comes to bragging about your accomplishments.

To build mutually beneficial professional relationships, you must show respect for what others have to say, even if you disagree. 

Instead of making people feel that you’re better than them, show a genuine interest in the conversation. Ask thoughtful questions. And when you feel like disagreeing with others, be polite and constructive.

Consider what you can learn from others, rather than what you can teach them. 

Save Space for Some Empathy

The business environment and culture can be cut-throat. And unfortunately, this often means there’s little room for empathy. 

But it’s vital for the people in your network to know that you’re not only concerned about the money. 

More than anything, they need to feel that you care for them. 

Being empathetic in your professional relationships attracts loyalty and trust. It builds a lasting foundation for mutually beneficial working relationships.  

This is why your actions and decision-making should be based on empathy and humility. Instead of belittling others, focus on celebrating and uplifting everyone in your network. 

Being modest and empathetic while networking will go a long way in building win-win relationships. 

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