Learn proven tactics and strategies for profiting from networking


Access a national business community of action-takers building mutually beneficial relationships on-and-off-line.

Pushy business card shovers. Serial networkers. Slow lead times. Geographical boundaries. Volunteer-led groups. Agenda-driven leaders. Rules and Punishments.

Lots of networking groups are full of this behaviour and rely on these methods to grow and hold members accountable - but not ours.

At The Business League,  we're proud to do things differently. 

Edward and Rebecca deliver our flagship events and programs in their trademark straightforward, approachable, innovating style.  Members have access to Ed, Bec and our Team regularly to brainstorm through everyday business issues when they need extra help.  And they regularly make personal connections between members, to ensure profitable collaborations and conversions are made more quickly.

Plus, at The Business League, we have a highly-developed culture built WAY more than just passing referrals.

Are you ready to seize the power of networking to grow your business?

The Business League is the community of choice for entrepreneurs Australia wide who want a high-worth, supportive, national team looking to grow and scale their business.

Access our most popular Events and Programs:

Community Networking

Interact with GREAT PEOPLE Australia wide, both physically and virtually. This community provides your opportunity - but we don’t accept just anyone.

We have members in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

Accelerated Networking Program

Get GREAT RESULTS fast, using a proven system to fast-track your goals all while being part of a dynamic community of business owners. This option is for you, if you’d rather make wins quick, not slow.

Growth Club

This is for mature, scaling up business owners, who are learning how to convert more business and grow fast, sustainably. This option includes 1-1 coaching,  monthly peer masterminds and knowledge upgrades

Want tips and tactics that will enhance your results in networking?

There’s more than one way to network.  And more than one result to measure your efforts on (it’s not just about referrals). 

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