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Questions to ask before attending a Business Seminar


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The world of business networking workshops or seminars can be new to some business owners or can be, other business owners just old had it and have been to heaps. Either way what I find with business seminars or workshop is they quite often fall short. They don’t produce the results you want, they don’t give you great value and quite often that goes into a folder and sits on a shelves and it does not give you good results in your business.

My name is Edward Plant from The Business League and today I want to talk to you about the 5 questions or the 5 Key Performance Indicators that you should understand before going to any workshop or business seminar again.

There are 5 questions to ask yourself before attending any business seminar or workshop and I’d like to go through them with you now to make sure you’re set up for success and you set yourself up to get the best results for your business.

Question 1: Result – What is the result you want from the business workshop or seminar? Is it networking? Is it education? Is it connections? Is new clients? Is it joint referral partners? What is the topic of the conversation the business seminar for. Being clear on the result, this should line with your goals and your business strategy and what you need to achieve in the next 90 days and 12 months. What is that result that you want?

Question 2: ROI – What is the return of investment that you want? This is along the lines of the KPI’s. The first question is the big picture, the second  is what is the key performance indicators that you are going to get that are going to support you achieve the bigger result in a short term. The return of investment in the business workshop or seminar could be networking, it could be specific strategies on marketing, leadership, business growth, profitability and any of those topics in your business that you need that you have identified can be beneficial for your business growth. It could be a specific business growth an access to all those system that a seminar have. Be clear on what your return on investment is from a business workshop or seminar .

Question 3: Who is going? – Robert Kiyosaki has written a book (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and in that it talks about your level of wealth is going to grow of fall to that level of the average of 5 people that you spend your most time with. For your business, that’s the same. There’s a lot of people that you spend your time with around in business is where your business is going to grow or fall to at that level of income. What you really want to do is push yourself and find yourself and you forum for you to be connected with people a step above you that keep pushing you and motivating you to achieve the results that you want. Who is going is very important in a business workshop. Let’s be honest if you’re going to a workshop that has a heaps of D-players you could fall to those level. Go to the event or workshop that’s pushing your boundaries that’s taking you to the next step and filled with people that are on that journey.

Question 4: Who is running it? – I believe the person that’s running the workshop or seminar is a reflection of the content that you’re going to get and the way it’s going to run. Have a look at that person, are they going to add value at where you want to go, do they have the capability, the credentials and the skill sets to take your business to the next step or to that return of investment that you’re looking for in the workshop that you attended.

Question 5: Interaction – What’s the ,interaction going to be. I think there’s a spectrum of a business seminar or workshops. They go from one side of the spectrum which is the (turn up, getting talked at and leave). You’re getting talked at, you probably get a great content and you’re getting notes on. People are talking and you sit there, drinking from a far and at the end of it you for away put the notes on the shelves and you don’t do anything with it. At the other end of the spectrum is the interactive engage valuable content. There is able to be implemented discuss in action specific for your business during the workshop which allow you to go away with stuff done, it allows you to go away with a dump  list or a completed list instead of a huge to do list. Have a look at that interactions spectrum and understand what that business seminar or workshop is going to give you that fits in line with what you want to get out of it. That’s 5 but what I’m going to suggest is there’s sneaky 6 and I’d like to give that to you as a bonus.

The sneaky 6 is will it be fun – At the end of the days let’s enjoy ourselves. Yes, it’s going o e great to make money, get more knowledge, grow our business, connect with great people but at the end of the day if you’ll enjoy it you’ll going to get a lot more out of it as well. If it’s not going to be fun don’t do it. They are the 6

They are the 6 and le’s quickly review those. The results?  What’s the return on investment? Who is going? Who is running it? What’s the interaction and will it be fun? They are the 6 questions you should ask yourself before you go to any business seminars or workshop.

The Business League runs monthly seminars and workshops and we wanted to achieve 3 things when we’re running a workshop or seminar.

  1. Connect – We want you to get more connections that are going to benefit your business.
  2. Develop – We want to develop the skills and knowledge that you have before you walk in the event to when you leave. We want you to be able to grow those.
  3. Grow – We want to help you grow your business. All the knowledge is growth for your business and we have mechanisms that we have on our seminars and workshops that will help you grow your business.

That’s what we do every month. What I’d like to do now is invite you along. We’d love you to come along as a guest and checkout one of those workshops or seminars. What you need to do is book below and do that. What I’m going to offer for you that’s watching this video is a buy back guarantee. If we have answered the 5 questions and you’re not a 100% happy with what you get as a result of the seminar we will buy back your ticket. All you need to do is say “ Ed, watched your video and you said you’ll buy back my ticket if I didn’t love it, I don’t will you buy it back? I don’t have a problem. If you’ve got nothing to lose book in now and I look forward to seeing you at one of our Business League workshops or seminars. Edward Pant for The Business League.

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