Questions to Improve Networking in 2016


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This time of the year is normally one of those times where people are into planning goals and what they’re going to achieve. What most people will fall into a trap though is leaving these big ideas and not getting into details. An example of this is in terms of marketing, like “I’m going to do this marketing stuff”. What I find is that people will need to drill down more and if we take marketing for an example, networking comes up as a key marketing strategy for your business. If that’s you and networking is going to be one of those for 2016, I want to give you the 5 Key Questions to help you get the most out of your networking in 2016.

Hi! my name is Edward Plant from The Business League and I believe we run the best business growth networking breakfast on the Gold Coast. So, we’d love to see your one but right now, I want to talk to you about the 5 Networking Questions to hit the most of out of your networking this year.

Question 1: Looking back at 2015, What were your big networking wins? So have a look at that whether relationship should build joint-venture partnerships, great customers that you gained, what were they? So that’s question 1.

Question 2: What were the biggest areas that you need to improve on from 2015? So other way of looking at is, What were your poor start?, What did you do worse?, What was areas of your networking in 2015 that , to be honest, that suck that you didn’t do well? So that’s question 2.

Question 3: Quite simple and that’s How many events that did you attend each month in 2015? So, just a number, was it  3, was it 2, was it 1, was it 10?  Just simple, how many per month in 2015?

Question 4: What was your return on investment on average per month for 2015? So break it down over the year. What did that give you a return each month? Now, when I talk about the return on investment, most people will go straight to money and that’s cool, it’s a great measure but there’s also more. Its knowledge, skills, connections and what is that overall return of investment you got. So that’s question number 4.

Question 5:  What do you specifically want out of your networking in 2016? So, let’s get rising clear on that.

So, they’re the 5 Key Questions for ask yourself. I think if you answer those, you’ll be on putting yourself on a better course for 2016 and your networking. So answer those and start incorporating them into your networking moving forward. Now, that’s a component of creating your year and we’ve got some training coming out at the end of this month on How to create your 2016 Business Battle Plan that will really support your networking and other avenues of what you want to do this year.

If you’re interested just click the link below and check it out and maybe we’ll see you on that webinar. Apart from that, that’s all I’ve got time for but hope those five questions heard Edward Plant signing off from The Business League.


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