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Get the step-by-step guide that is helping our clients create a six-figure networking funnel through implementing this copy-and-paste conversation tactic to qualify your leads and give you better conversion chances.

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Essential knowledge for every small Business Owner interested in increasing the speed of their connection-to-client pathway and create a more leveraged networking system.

The Main Goal Of This Free Training Is:

Show you the first step to move a prospect from conversation to conversion that enhances the quality of  your clients in a quarter of the time.

What Clients Are Saying...


"My income went from 7k a month to 20k a month ... and all growth happened within a 6-month window."

- Evan

Adam Bouali

"After joining, I earned a total of $5K in one week and ROI within 3 weeks"

- Adam

Krystle Divertie

"Signed 2 new clients in 21 days
and added an additional
500 connections in 3 months"

- Krystle

Beau Worsley

"Received 5x return on my investment and had doors opened to major brands and franchises through speakers"

- Beau

Kurt Markwick

"I've created huge pipeline from specific target $100K quote"

- Kurt


"In 2 weeks, signed 4 new clients, put 2 more into the pipeline and added 2 new partners, resulting in an additional $3200 in monthly recurring revenue AND $30k in opportunity "

- Andy

I've gotten a new client that is 10x my average dollar sale.

- Rebecca


"I have a target income figure that I get from The Business League which actually pays back my membership 24x."

- Tracy

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*Results may vary. These are some of the different results people reported from our program.

What You Will learn On This Free Online Training


Positioning Magnifier

Create instant 'likeability' and mutual respect to open the door to a bigger conversation. Old-school tactics create.


Leveraged Scripts

Install our tried and tested call choreography to catapult your competitors and give you 95% more likelihood of a sales conversation. Get it right then hand it off.


Sell the Next Steps

Streamline your sales pipeline so people never feel sold to. The best sale feels like one where someone's just progressed through a series of conversations. Sell the next step and avoid objections.

Terms & Conditions Apply
*Results may vary. These are some of the different results people reported from our program.


Edward and Rebecca Plant

Ed and Bec have been using their business to grow their clients’ for 10+ years.

They have helped hundreds of small business owners in Australia to grow their business from garage operations to 7 figures and beyond, all through the power of networking.

Their IP around accelerated networking has aided 3 businesses in the past 12 months to launch from 0 to 6 figures, with one heading to $1million revenue.

Terms & Conditions Apply