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We have had some KILLER speakers at our events over the past 9 years. But our most recent is being touted as OUR BEST EVER.When 80 business owners joined us for our Flagship Business Breakfast on the Gold coast, minds were expanded and butts were gently whooped by the Founder of Australia’s newest Unicorn Status company: Vu Tran from Go1.He shared his journey from being a start-up in a Logan Garage, to now named Australia’s most exciting tech company. He talked about the mindset associated with continual rejection. And he shared how the ‘No’s’ they receive give him and his team the biggest opportunity to learn.Below are the Top 5 Takeaways from Vu Tran’s Conversation:

Networking event

  • Learn how to purposefully network, not just ‘show face’ at events. He said, “It’s one thing to turn up to 1000 networking events – but it’s another to actually network
  • When asked what the INGREDIENTS to his success and those that he has worked closely with to build his business to a 1-billion-dollar valuation, Vu said there were two: Ambition + Opportunity
  • Networking skills are essentially an ability to sell and to sell well, you must always be prepared. You never know when you will have the door opened to Opportunity – it could be your kids soccer game, a plane ride, or a fast food queue. The point is be prepared with an intimate knowledge of what you sell, the results it gives and some names that can be dropped to give credibility to your pitch
  • The first investor in Go1 took 40 conversations to achieve. That meant a LOT of ‘No’s along the way. When asked how he handled the rejection, Vu said, “We learnt more from the ‘No’s than those who said yes. When someone said ‘No’, we asked Why. Through that experience, we learnt how to do it better next time”. He also spoke of how a No is not always a ‘No forever’, but simply a No for now. Be prepared to make changes and continue to follow-up. 
  • The MOST powerful question you can ask as you scale is not, “Can we do it?”, but “How can we do it?”  The belief that it can be achieved must be ingrained. The only decision then is to solve the problem of how. 

BONUS: Every good business person needs to be a good sales person. Your job is to understand someone’s needs and solve their problem with your solution. 

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