The RULE of 100


In The Business League, we’ve got this little rule that we follow and we believe  it is critical to your success.

I’d like to share that with you right now.

You can steal it.

Use it and embrace it.

At The Business League, we support business owners, connect, develop, and grow their business. We have members all around Australia and New Zealand and have a community of epic business owners helping each other to make their businesses better.

I tell you this because inside our community we have a rule.  This rule isn’t like fight club! But it is a rule that if you follow you will create HUGE success and put yourself into a scalable business position.

This rule is something that everyone strives to achieve and we believe is a critical ingredient in every business’s success.

We call it our RULE of 100.

So I hear you saying what’s this rule of a hundred.

Well let me share it with you.

Before I do though, I’ll be completely transparent and open here.

This is something that drives success. It’s really powerful. It is critical to your success.

The  RULE of 100 means you go from being all alone in your business to having support and achieving results.

From being confused and unclear, to getting clarity and making change,

From having to drive yourself and motivate yourself on a daily basis, to having people that are lifting you.

It’s really powerful.

So what is this rule of a hundred?

The RULE of 100 is basically that you need a HUNDRED active people in your community, in your world who are supporting you.

That’s it.

It’s Simple.

100 people who have your back, who you can draw on, who support and lift you.

They are not…

These people are not nay-sayers.

They’re not people who drag you down.

They are not people that do “butt face”.  Those people that every time you say something they say “Yeah, But what about this” and they bring you down.

They are not people who always say something that is not helpful.

They are…

These are people that are actively invested in your success.

People that  want to see you support.

People who want to see you succeed.  They cheer you on.  They offer help. They are there for you whenever you need it. Whether you need help or not, they’re there for you.

And the RULE of 100 is you need a hundred people in your community that are going to help you change the world, change your world, change your customer’s world and make it all better for you and your family.

So that’s the RULE of 100.

There’s a heap of things behind this rule that we do inside The Business League.

And to be honest, joining The Business League is a simple way to propel you towards the RULE of 100.  As soon as you join there are another 100-business owners in your corner cheering you on.

Take one of our members. The other day he reached out to ask for help on how he could generate more business.  Within hours he had 61 comments and people offering support. Plus he got immediate work.

That is the RULE of 100 in action.  61 people supporting you.

One of the fast track ways to get to the 100, is to join a community that has other like minded people that are going to be in your hundred, that can help you grow.

Otherwise you’re doing it on your own.

Don’t do that.

Don’t think you’ll be fine with 2-people, or 10-people.  Think about it strategically.  Why wouldn’t you have 100-people that are going to support you over your business year.

Do it. Start working on your Rule of 100.

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