The Secret to Consistency


Creating a consistently excellent product is the cornerstone of success. But so are good times. 

So said our guest speakers, Cocktail Pre-Mixer founders of Mr Consistent, at Friday’s Networking Intensive on the Gold coast.

Seventy business owners gathered to not just meet people with an opportunity of business, but to LEARN what it takes to do business at your next level.

The Top 5 takeaways from our Mr Consistent Conversation were

  1. You have to Knock on Doors and you have to Ask … And you need to do it on several platforms. Your mates want to help you grow your business (if they don’t, they’re the wrong friends). If you give and help enough in your life, people are more likely to help you when you ask. BUT, you have to Ask. While you’re waiting for someone to help you, don’t stand idly on the sidelines. Email, phone, send social proof. Do whatever you need to, so that when your friend puts the foot in the door to open it for you, the situation is primed with reasons WHY you are the best for the job.
  2. You’ve got to be nimble. Selling direct to consumers wasn’t always the plan for Mr Consistent. But when the conditions of the World’s Big C arrived, the plan for their growth needed to change. Jeremy said the secret to their continual growth is the ability to ‘be Nimble’. Speak to every different market differently; put a spin on your strategy if the results are not coming as you expected; always be willing to adjust your mindset.
  3. Doing the onesie-twosie work opens the door to the bigger opportunities. Mr Consistent can now be found in Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Vintage Cellars and loads of other major retail outlets – but they didn’t start there. They focused on their own backyard, making and delivering bottles personally, before building an ecommerce site and creating process around remote delivery. They focused on building strong foundations and collecting social proof. From there, they were able to catch the eye of the big guns.
  4. Collaboration = Values Alignment + Opportunity. When Jeremy was talking about collaborating, he wanted to make sure the Team aligned as humans, plus there was an opportunity for a product to succeed. Choosing your Collaborators through values alignment first is the only way to assure a profitable partnership. When that is on track and you have complimentary skills sets or products, you will create a good collaboration.
  5. Our Team work ‘WITH US’ not ‘FOR US’. It’s the important delineation that the boys at Mr Consistent say makes their business the one that attracts bought-in team.  

BONUS:  Give your brand a Personality. “We talk, walk, act as ‘Mr Consistent’. It’s not one of us, it’s all of us.” When the brand was built, it was given its own identity. And when the boys speak of their organisation, it has elements of every one of its founders. Give your brand a feeling. Know how it would respond to a conversation at a bar :wink:

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