Three Keys to Your Networking Success


Three Keys to Your Networking Success

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Last week I asked you about what the ROI [Return on Investment] was you wanted from your business networking.

 It’s an important question that I don’t think networkers understand enough. 

 You see the most common answer to the question “What do you want from your networking”


 And I think most people who have given this answer have missed the boat.

 There is so much more to networking then getting more business.  BUT until you are clear on what the ROI is you want, and explore all the options you will stay chasing more business.

 Don’t get me wrong more business is a result you should expect from networking.  

However, and here’s the kicker, if you go into networking just for ‘more business’, then you are going to become one of those networkers.  Yes I’m talking about those people who only talk about themselves and always try and sell to you.

 Don’t become that person.

 So whilst more business is IMPORTANT there are bigger opportunities out there (that quite often result in more business!)

 Today I wanted to share with you some of the key ROI that I think most people miss out on.

 ROI #1. (Not necessarily most important) Networking is about relationships. Relationships is about getting to know people, sharing, caring and winning together. Robert Kyosaki said it best:

            “The level of the 5 people you spend the most time with dictates the level you will rise or fall to”

This applies to the quality of the people you network with and spend time with.

Through ‘The Business League’  I see time and time again people getting huge returns from who they meet, connect with and build relationships with. Whether this is through ideas, business strategies, motivation to step up, referral partners. Many of these relationships last for years and years.  Find people that are going to propel you forward not drag you down.

 ROI #2.  Speakers at Events.  The speakers at events can be an absolute gold mine. They are at our events. They are world class and give of their time and ideas so generously.  Our members benefit from speakers with knowledge, improved strategies, practical advice, and connection to the next level. Many of our members also secure $100 000 contracts.  Don’t miss this one.

 ROI #3.  Support. Business can be lonely.  Business is also about making mistakes and getting over them quicker.  The quicker you can move through them the better off you and your business will be.  It’s not about not making mistakes, its about making more mistakes and evolving quicker.  To this end get a support network that helps you do this. 




 ROI #4. Knowledge.  We’ve got one member who ahs a notebook dedicated to lessons he heard, learnt witnessed from The Business League.  This book is a goldmine for him. Over the past 2-years he has continually grown as a business owner, leader, and person.  He has done this through listening, learning and acting. His name is Jason. He is inspiring to watch.

 Be like Jason.

 This is a list of 4 of the other ways you can get an ROI from networking, there are many more.

 So, my question for you is “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF NETWORKING?”

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