Used and Abused in Networking


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Have you ever been to a networking event and left feeling dirty? Sort of that feeling you’ve gone, given every else something, everyone else has just been – take, take, take and you didn’t get anything back in return.  You’ve left feeling just disappointed.  Feeling a bit abused and taken advantage of.  This could have been people just talking about themselves, not listening to you or even asking about you.  Dominating the conversation.

My name is Edward Plant from The Business League. My wife Rebecca and I run The Business League which is a business networking support organisation on the Gold Coast. We aim to support business owners to create growth, better relationships, develop knowledge so you can improve your business and thirdly, Grow.  So  that your business actually grows from your networking. That’s what we do at all of our events.  WE do this through our three pillars of Connect, Develop, Grow.

If you’ve been to a networking event where you feeling like you’ve been taken advantage off, where you turned up and people have taken from you, you gave in and then people have just taken off without even so much as a “Hey, How are you? What do you do?” in return. See more…

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