Welcome to the Networking 

Conversion Projector

Great to have you here, at our "Networking Conversion Projector" training ...  the exact formula that is helping our clients streamline their networking and marketing activities and get clarity around the exact number of conversations you need to have to hit your financial goals.

What you need to do from here:

1. Add yourself into our Free Facebook Group - The Networking Acceleration Hub

2. Watch the video training BELOW and schedule time into each day to implement the Tactics

3. Want us to work with you on implementing these tactics? Book a brainstorm session 

We wish you much success ,
Ed & Bec

Here's What Our Members Say About The Business League

Jenny tripled the size of her business and has grown as leader

Evan tripled his revenue in 6 months!

Helen gets ROI in 60 days - attributes 70% of business to TBL

Brad received 10 x his ROI in 90 days!

Tracy learned new strategies to grow her business.

 Kurt hit 100K sales from just one phone call in less than a month!

Through Jason's involvement in The Business League he has gone from Zero to a Million Dollars in 3-short years

2 new tactics landed Kylie 3 new clients

Damian uses Strategic Community Partnerships to 5x his business

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