What’s your Networking Style?


Building a Business can be really different for everyone.

More often than not, the way it grows is a direct reflection of the person building it – or the opportunities that are coming your way.

After chatting with multi-million dollar business couple (also former Ch9 The Block contestants) Dan and Dani recently, I was reminded of the two most common and defined ways people work when they want to create growth:

  1. The ‘Smash and Grab’ – or you could call this Instant Gratification
  2. The ‘Slow Burn’ – or you could call this Relationship and Resonance

Just to be clear, neither one of these two networkers and business builders is wrong. Neither one is better.

But it is always good to weigh up which one you are and which one you WANT to be, based on your personal values.

In this short video, Bec talks a little more about these two different styles and the impact they can have on your business.

Plus, encourage you to take a look at which one you lean toward and the outcomes you are receiving from that decision.

At the end of the day, the BEST way to grow your business is in a way that is aligned with your personality.

Don’t know your natural personality style? Reach out here and let’s organise to have a chat about giving you some more insight on that.

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