Change is no longer OPTIONAL


Change is no longer OPTIONAL

 I spent 17 years in the Australian Army and we were continually trained to adapt and change based on the environment and what was happening in it.

This is the exact world we are all now living in.

I’d like to explain how you can do it a bit better.

The Business League

My name is Edward playing from The Business League and I’m one of the founders of The Business League. We run a, a community of businesses that support each other, CONNECT, DEVELOP and GROW their business. Networking is a critical part of what we do inside The Business League and we fast track people’s results in that world.


So during my 17 years in the Australian Army, we were always assessing the environment, understood it, and the environmental and factors, which was terrain space per people and infrastructure. And we always looked at it decided what was happening. So we knew how to react, how to adapt.

In the Army we were trained to use a adaption/change strategy called ‘Boyd’s Cycle’, which is known as the OODA Loop.

The OODA Loop stands for Observe, Orientate, Decide and Act.

All our training was geared around observing the environment, reorientation based on what the mission was, then making a decision and finally acting or implementing that decision.  We would then try and do that quicker than the enemy.

The winner was always the person/side who could cycle through the OODA Loop the quickest.

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The Changing World

The Army world I lived in dealt, especially when on operations, dealt with change every single day.

This is the world we live in right now.

As a result of COVID, international travel, government legislation, changing rules and the changing world of business – your live is full of changes.  For some dealing with crossing borders this is a daily occurrence.

The people that are doing the best in this changing environment are able to focus in on what’s important and make changes quickly.

How does this relate to networking?

So one of the key things in our world is your networking.

Now, people that are doing networking as they did 12 months ago are going nowhere. They’re not getting any results. They’re sick of zoom. They are making excuses and waiting for things to go back to normal.

Well things won’t go back to normal.  This is the new normal.

These people that are stuck are falling behind and are missing large opportunities. For example, I know one of our members on average gets four quality contacts a month from following the system and they have adapted with us in this current environment.  The average sales of this person is worth $2000 to the business.

If they hadn’t adapted over the past 6-months these contacts wouldn’t have happened. They could have missed out on $24 000, or more!


And that’s just one of our members.

So your inability to change, to adapt means you are losing money and opportunity.

Life is about changing, adapting and moving forward.

You need to do it faster than your competition.  It’s one of your biggest weapons.

Adapt.  Change. And come along to our next Event.

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